Thursday, October 30, 2014

Slowly but surely

my Halloween quilt is growing.  Thinking I'll not make it square (as in the picture I posted of the one I'm copying) but probably 6X7.  That means I'll need a total of 42 blocks and have 26 which MEANS I have to make 16 more!!  I'm one of those 'instant gratification' types (at least where my quilting is involved) so I've joined a few together.  This is the easy part--the tough part'll be all those 2.5" squares joined together for the outer border.  UGH!

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Fall Flimsy

OK, again, DON'T FAINT!!  I bought a jelly roll from Kris over at Lavender Quilts and decided (AFTER bunco, of course) to just sit down and do a 'jelly roll race' style quilt from the roll.  I stupidly just took off sewing without reacquainting myself with just exactly how to DO the pattern.  You're supposed to cut one of the strips in half to begin with (I believe, I still haven't checked) but I only cut off like 6-8".  So it still put my joined placed in pretty close proximity.  But that's OK, it's just going to be a small quilt I keep on the sofa for my toesies this winter.  I'll press all those seams, put a couple of borders on and maybe have the longarmer just do an all over panto of leaves  or something.  Easy and DONE!!  Now to get back to a few more Halloween blocks before it's over. 

Friday, October 10, 2014

PLEASE don't faint...

but I actually stitched something!!!  This is monumental (sorta) LOL!  I figured if I stitched on a quilt for the current upcoming holiday each time a holiday approaches, MAYBE I'll have it done next time the holiday rolls around!!  Maybe a stupid plan but it's what I'm goin' with.  Now I just need to see if I can find my Halloween fabrics.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Halloween will soon be upon us

and, as usual, I haven't done anything quilty for the spooky season.  UGH!!!  I have a couple of cute kits but I've other things to prepare for (like cleaning up this messy house for Oct. bunco!!).  SOO I'm cheating a little and sharing a few cute quilt ideas for those who DON'T have other things to prepare for--LOL!!

This one would be SO simple to whip up!  Maybe after bunco!

Cute, CUTE and doesn't look difficult at all!!  Think it would be just as cute made with wonky stars (note to self as I don't do particularly well with this kind of star).
Oh my GOSH!!  HOW CUTE!  Gonna hafta try to figure this one out.
(I actually found the tutorial for this block here).
 Adorable kit from Connecting Threads but no longer available...  :-(
 I LOVE this--it's just pretty and subdued.
 I think I read this one was from Joined at the Hip.  Will have to look into it as I love the cat and pumpkin.  (It IS from Joined at the Hip and I ordered it and 3 others as well--ACK).
Easy breezy rail fence using black and orange.  EFFECTIVE!

Monday, September 29, 2014


Oh my gosh, these are too funny (or at least I thought so! LOL).  I saw these on a friend's blog and had to share here (since I'm not doing ANYTHING quilty for the time being)....

Monday, September 22, 2014

Think I've been remiss

I got a new poochie a few weeks ago and haven't spotlighted him on the ole blog.  Guess it's time I did that, huh?  Here is the little booger--

Isn't he cute?  A few weeks back, most of the local shelters were doing an "Empty the Shelter" event and there was no adoption fee.  However, this punk had not been heartworm checked nor was he neutered.  So needless to say, my 'free' dog has cost a pretty penny.  But hopefully the big bucks have been spent and he'll remain healthy for a long time.  Oh, and his name is Sheldon.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Boy Scouts Dee-Liver!!

OK, now I'm ready for what's predicted to be a cooler, wetter winter this year.  UGH, I HATE that!!  Warmer with a little wet would be fine..just NOT COOLER!  Anyway, called on the Boy Scouts again this year early to make sure I had what I needed and it will be well-seasoned hopefully by the time the need arises!  LOL  They do a fantastic job of delivering, stacking and cleaning up before they leave.  Even blew the chips into a manageable shovelful and took it with em!  If you would like for the Boy Scouts to come to your house and you live in the north Fort Worth area, lemme know and I'll share their info!